CCM Committee


The CCM Committee is dedicated to increasing the number of Certifed Construction Managers (CCMs) in Arizona. The goals of the Committee are to educate our membersabout the value and importance of the CM certification program through educational seminars and application workshops. Willie Paiz welcomes any questions or interest emails from members to learn more about the CCM Certification.

Education Committee


The Education Committee for the local Arizona Chapter is tasked with providing a means of continuing professional development for the Construction Managers within the CMAA. As a Chapter, we consider the need to inform and impart information and basic guidance on the multiple aspects of construction management in our construction industry. We see to provide an insight into the body of knowledge that forms our technical expertise, and so improve an understanding and awareness across the key construction disciplines.


Our Education Committee compliments the education and training provided by our CCM Committee, and enables us to provide support in the pursuit of the CCM certification as part of overall learning program.


Education Topics currently being assembled for our program includes BIM, Integrated Project Delivery, CPM Scheduling, Environmental Awareness (NEPA), Contract Law and Project Team Assembly.

Membership Committee


The membership committee within the CMAA AZ Chapter is dedicated to promote Construction Management Association of America among the Arizona Construction Community while encouraging local Professionals to join the organization and enjoy the extensive professional development and networking opportunities offered by CMAA at the local, state, national and international levels.

Programs Committee



The Programs committee is dedicated to bringing design and construction opportunties to the memebers of the Construction Management Association of America.   We work with area owners, municipalities and transporation groups to bring you latest in industry opportunties to give our members the competitive edge they need in the A/E/C industry.   We are always looking for participation from our memebers to ensure they are receiving the latest, encluding on all aspects of the construction industry.

Scholarship and Student Outreach Committee

COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Willie Paiz, CCM & Kaushik Gandhi


The Scholarship and Student Outreach committee is dedicated to reaching out to college students that are pursuing careers in the construction management field. 


The committee encourages student participation at CMAA events, as well as works with college Construction Management programs to create and maintain student chapters.  In addition, the committee promotes mentorships between CMAA members and the college students.


The committee is responsible for funding and awarding annual scholarships to full-time undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in a Construction Management or CM-related program for the next school year.  Candidates must have completed a minimum of one full academic year and have a minimum of one full year remaining in their course of study. Scholarship applications are evaluated on the following criteria: applicant's academic objectives as they relate to the CM profession; academic performance in CM-related courses and overall; relationship between the academic program in which the applicant is enrolled and CM as a professional field; and faculty advisor recommendation.

CODE (Creating Opportunity for Diveristy & Equality) Committee



 CODE (Creating Opportunities for Diversity and Equality) is all about connecting with disadvantaged businesses in the metro Phoenix area. Committee responsibilities include discussing diversity and equality, opening up dialogues with other industry organizations, and reaching out to disadvantaged businesses.